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6 Reasons to get your Bod in the Pod

Provision Nutrition BodPod

While it looks like a space machine that will zoom you to the moon, the BodPod is actually a very accurate way to determine body composition. But why would you want to know your body composition? Why does it matter? Below are six reasons to get your bod in the pod:


The scale can be misleading, wouldn’t you agree? Most people who are trying to lose weight will quickly become discouraged when the number on the scale stays the same or increases! If you are losing fat and gaining muscle, your weight may stay the same or increase. As you are losing weight, make sure you are losing fat and not losing muscle. I have never had anyone come to me telling me that they wish they had less muscle or asking how to lose the muscle they have! However, the process of fat loss can also mean a little muscle loss, especially if you are not optimizing your nutrition and workouts while trying to lose fat. By tracking lean body mass, you are able to better understand what kind of change you should make in your nutrition and training plan.


The BodPod is laboratory equipment. It is considered the “Gold Standard” in body composition assessment. As long as you do your part to prepare for the test correctly, adhering to the preparation instructions, the BodPod is 99% accurate. This method of body composition testing is used at the NFL combine, in the Army, at the Mayo Clinic and by many collegiate and professional athletes.


Do you love data? If so, this test is for you! Most fitness apps or tracking devices allow for you to enter information about yourself it improve tracking accuracy or give a more individualized readout. When you input data from the BodPod, which is 99% accurate, you also improve the accuracy of your tracking app or device. Data obtained from the BodPod includes your lean body mass, body fat and resting metabolic rate (how much energy your body requires, measured in calories). Once you have 3 or more tests, your data becomes visual with graphing options on the printout you receive. Track your progress and see a better picture of your health, what type of training works best for you, etc, using multiple tests and tracking your nutrition, workouts, stress levels, etc. Data gives us a better idea of what is happening, what works best for you, etc.


You are killing it at the gym, your nutrition is on point and then life happens: a kid gets sick, then the illness spreads through your family. Before you know it, you’ve spent two weeks unable to get to the gym or meal prep like you want to. Sound familiar? It becomes easy to just say “forget it” and slide back into old habits, forgetting self care. When you have a BodPod appointment scheduled, however, you can improve your results because you know the BodPod is accurate—good or bad. Knowing that you have an appointment can help keep you on track. Many times, I have had clients tell me that knowing they had a set appointment helped to get them back on track or work harder to stay on track to begin with.

Are you working with a strength coach, personal trainer, nutritionist or doctor to improve your health and fitness? The BodPod provides solid, reliable data to share with your healthcare team in order to improve your care.


Because of it’s accuracy, the BodPod will tell if you have been putting in the work. Coaches, it holds your client or athlete accountable for the 23 hours each day they aren’t with you. Clients and athletes, it holds your coach, trainer or nutritionist accountable to their programming or protocol for you. Accountability is important when trying to make a change. You are responsible for the choices you make, but adding a level of accountability to everyone involved improves your outcome. The BodPod gives information that allows for undisputed testimonials on training, nutrition and lifestyle changes!


The BodPod only takes 2 minutes! It takes longer to calibrate it and get it ready for your test than the actual test takes. Two 45 second tests are all you need. You can breathe normally and no one will pinch, poke or prod at you. Results can be tracked in as little as 4 weeks, but most people re-test at 6 weeks.

Are you ready to get your bod in the pod? Make a commitment to yourself and track your progress!

Schedule your appointment today at Provision Nutrition to get your BodPod assessment. Packages are available to keep you on track and hold you accountable to your goals.

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