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Interview with Tri-City Herald

Recently, I had the opportunity to have the Tri-City Herald interview me about the Bod Pod and services I offer through my business, Provision Nutrition. Both the reporter, Sarah, and the photographer, Bob, were very kind and helped walk me through the photography and videography part of the interview.

Photo Credit: Bob Brawdy - Tri-City Herald

My passion for and background in holistic nutrition and fitness are what drives me in this business. I usually see two kinds of people whether they are fitness clients or nutrition clients: they are afraid of failure, walking in the door telling me of all of the things they cannot do making excuses from the very beginning or they are ready to tackle their problem head on. While I can work with both clients, we should all be the latter—ready to tackle our problems head on. When it comes to health and fitness, what is the worst that can happen by facing our problem? All that can happen is you can get healthier! You can acquire new skills through fitness, new knowledge of nutrition and accomplish things you never though you otherwise would.

My nutrition clients and my fitness clients are not all that different from each other. My nutrition sessions are much like personal training in that it is whatever my client needs. Sometimes my clients just need a little hand holding, and that’s ok. Other times they are ready for the next level of nutrition knowledge and to tackle more than just weight loss. Not because they have “arrived” and achieved their fat loss goals, for example, but because they’ve realized that overall health is so vital to your fitness and quality of life.

If you are done with fad diets, yo-yo diets and fitness plans that are difficult to stick with, maybe you are ready to tackle your fitness and nutrition head on. The Bod Pod is 98% accurate. It is considered the “Gold Standard” along with hydrostatic weighing. The numbers don’t lie.

Instead of running from what your numbers might be now, embrace them. Set a goal. Make a plan. Face them and make improvements.

Check out the article from the Tri-City Herald. If you are interested in pursuing your health and fitness goals, please make an appointment or contact me.

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