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Does Your Nutrition Professional Empower You?

provision nutrition Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

The internet is flooded with advertisements promising lasting weight loss, improved fitness and an awesome physique if you sign up for their nutrition challenge. Likely, while scrolling social media, you will see at least one of these pop up.

But who is behind this "nutrition" challenge? Is it a qualified nutrition professional? Is their motive to empower you and educate you to make better choices and obtain the knowledge you need to have lasting success? Or is their motive to make you feel that you need them time and time again to be successful?

A good nutrition professional is not only qualified in nutrition, but sees the importance of your success. As a nutrition professional, I should not have you in my office for years working on the same goal (there are a few rare exceptions to this). My goal is to empower you to succeed.

If I am doing my job, you should be learning how and why optimal nutrition is important and implementing recommendations. You are an important part of the plan! If you are not implementing the recommendations, we won't see success. Just like your personal trainer cannot get fit for you, I cannot eat well for you!

If you need a group atmosphere for accountability, success and to keep you motivated, I get it! But buyer beware. Make sure you are going to end your challenge with a realistic goal and a plan that will leave you healthy and better than you were when you started.

To Nourish is to Flourish!

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