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5 Reasons Accountability is Important for Success

Provision Nutrition Accountability meeting

​“Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions.

~John Di Lemme

Who are you accountable to? As you begin the new year and make plans for what you want to accomplish in the next 366 days (it’s a leap year!), what support systems to you have in place? While it is tempting to do it alone and not share your goals, accountability is a huge part of how we can live our best life. Accountability leads to success. Taking responsibility for your actions makes way for the changes that lead you do to things differently. This can mean doing new things or to stop doing the things that have held you back.

So, what are the benefits of accountability?

*Accountability improves your performance in progressing toward your goals. When you connect with another person and share your goals, you can get feedback on your strategy. Working with a professional can help you to develop a sure-fire winning strategy which you can execute with confidence.

*Accountability helps you measure success and progress. A good accountability partner, nutritionist, coach, etc. will help you define with success looks like. It looks different for everyone! Success is not simply measured by a number on a scale, for example. It is also measured by how your strength changes, your ability to think clearly or being able to reach your toes!

*Accountability keeps you engaged in your goal. How many times do we set goals that we lose interest in or simply forget about? Life happens and we get distracted. Knowing you have to answer for the progress you make toward your goals can help keep you going towards them.

*Accountability keeps you responsible. By accounting for your actions, you eliminate the excuses and start making deliberate actions toward success. You realize that you are ultimately responsible for your success. No one else can eat well for you, workout for you or respond to situations different for you.

*Accountability will validate your thoughts and ideas. By receiving feedback on your goals, you can hone them in with constructive advice. Having an accountability partner gives you someone to bounce ideas around with.

Accountability does not have to be overwhelming.

Here are 3 simple ways to have more accountability in your life, whether with lifestyle changes, nutrition choices or workouts:

*Get help from a mentor, coach or other professional. Talking with a therapist, working with a nutritionist, enlisting the help of a strength coach, etc. are all ways in which we can be held accountable for our actions. When I meet with clients, I hold them accountable for their choices over the last week as a way to ensure progress or determine if we need to change our course of action. I cannot make the changes for them, they have to make their own choices to change.

*Get it in writing. Make up a detailed agreement with yourself about your goals and your plan of action to get there. What are you making a commitment to do? Involve a supportive friend, spouse or family member to help hold you accountable to what you set out to do. This does not mean that the road will be smooth and you won’t have setbacks. But having accountability with someone who supports you can help keep you on track and get your back on the right path.

*Become personally invested in your success. Simply setting a goal and hoping that it happens will not get you there. You must take the steps required to achieve success. It’s not easy! There are times you will be derailed and discouraged. By becoming personally accountable for your success, you shift your perspective and become empowered to get rid of the excuses that may have been holding you back.

If you are ready to have a big breakout year and truly want to do more than you have in years past, let’s work together to achieve success. Contact me for a free half hour Jumpstart to determine what you need to be successful.

Kelly Sherman, NC, is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Provision Nutrition located in Richland, WA. She is passionate about helping others promote health and wellness within their bodies through the use of whole food nutrition and positive lifestyle choices. Currently, she is earning her masters degree in holistic nutrition and consults with clients in her office and online. Learn more at

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